Who are we ? ♥

Zibi London started in 2015 in London with the desire to bring the most current trends to everyone who loves bold shapes and colors.

Zeynep Kucuk, founder of the brand, grew up in the art of ready-to-wear. Creating your own clothing line quickly became obvious. The obviousness of creating and undertaking, but above all of making people dream and share their universe. She began to create feminine and refined creations to highlight each woman, each body and each character.

She draws on the richness of her Franco-Turkish-British-Chinese multiculturalism (and yes all that…) to combine knowledge and quality, and thus bring her greatest dream to life. Enriched by her numerous travels and her years of residence in China, she has forged links with local artisans and thus continues to create her collections with them.

Today, Zibi London is a dream shared between her, her partner Kevin, and all the collaborators, who contribute to ensuring that each woman finds herself in the collections throughout the seasons.

The Zibi wardrobe is mainly made up of dresses ! Why? Because the Zibi woman is a feminine, independent woman who likes to have fun and who takes responsibility! (Yeah!)

Our collections are bright, full of joy, colors and as always: rich in extraordinary prints .

Zibi London is above all a brand that wants to enhance every woman , in all her adventures, always with that London touch. Outfits that accompany him to his Monday morning meeting, Thursday evening cocktail and Sunday picnic. His creations offer quality, originality and comfort !

Today, the team is committed to creating more sustainable products, with more environmentally friendly fibers, while offering the trendiest products.

With a broader perspective, we will continue to bring diversity in our designs for everyone in Europe and around the world who loves English fashion.

Because that's what Zibi London is, trendy and made from the heart.

See you soon in your packages ♡

Designed with love
Team Zibi


Destination Style : Un périple mode entre Londres, Saint-Malo, Rome et Marrakech.

Plongez dans l'univers envoûtant de notre collection estivale, inspirée par le voyage de Zibi.

À travers quatre destinations emblématiques, Londres, Saint-Malo, Rome et Marrakech, notre collection capture l'essence même de ces villes riches en beauté.

De l'effervescence cosmopolite de Londres au charme côtier de Saint Malo, en passant par la grandeur intemporelle de Rome et les couleurs envoûtantes de Marrakech, chaque pièce est un véritable voyage stylistique. Explorez des motifs marins raffinés, des imprimés floraux romantiques, des lignes architecturales élégantes et des teintes ensoleillées qui évoquent la chaleur de l'été.

Préparez-vous à embarquer pour une aventure mode inoubliable et découvrir une collection qui incarne le véritable esprit du voyage.

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L'effervescence cosmopolite de Londres










Le charme côtier de Saint-Malo